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Getpin надає вашому бізнесу єдиний інструмент для керування клієнтським досвідом на сторонніх онлайн-платформах

Getpin пропонує рішення для різних галузей

Спробуйте новий підхід до управління

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Victoria Busen
Expert in client experience management and customers loyalty
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At lifecell, we ensure that the information about all stores is up-to-date, complete and accurately placed on Google maps. The Getpin solution allows us to manage customer reviews and all data changes from a single dashboard. This simplifies and reduces the time for processing and updating the information significantly.
Watch pawnshop Prestige-Time
Watch pawnshop Prestige-Time
Igor Anikeev
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It's nice to work with Getpin: the guys know their job!

All the best in 2019!
"Nature" Store, (garden equipment and tools)
"Nature" Store, (garden equipment and tools)
Sergey, Director
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It's an off-season in my industry every July and August. I had an experience of running ads during this period before Getpin.

Thanks to Getpin, I actually received calls from customers who were interested in my apparel. Around the 20th of August, we'll launch a winter collection sales, and I will use this service again: it definitely works!
Atelier Matinee
Atelier Matinee
Beauty & Comfort
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We have been using Getpin for a relatively short period of time. But I can say that the service works! Advertising, social media promotion and creating unique content help us to appear more often in Google search. Our customer base is growing steadily: Getpin makes your business recognizable at a reasonable price.
Olga Proglyada, Customer Service specialist
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Getpin helped us clean up our locations on Google Maps: data on existing locations was corrected, outdated and duplicate locations were removed, and new ones were added. As a result, the number of search queries and visits to our website increased by almost 2.5 times in just three months, and the number of routes laid out increased by almost 2 times (which boosted the number of visitors to our bookstores.).

The Getpin platform is user-friendly, efficient, and modern. It saves time, increases our online presence, and ultimately boosts sales. We highly recommend Getpin!

Getpin — це універсальний інструмент
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