A single platform that brings together eight areas of online presence

Reviews, listings and classifieds, advertising, social media, website, SEO and statistics — everything is managed from one place

All the channels of your online presence managed through Getpin’s single dashboard

Either you are a national diner chain or a tailor shop, you can manage all the corporate information, publish news and launch promotional activities, build up your brand reputation from a single dashboard

Verify a location instantly: you don’t need to wait for an e-mail from Google My Business for 14 days

Respond to reviews, commentaries and questions from a single dashboard. Be faster than your competitors

Feature your company at 50+ online platforms automatically

Improve your website visibility in search engines by using local search engine optimization

Communicate with potential clients in social media and publish news, launch promos and announce events

Get more information about your customers’ behavior and actions

Launch a promo with several clicks and track its effectiveness

Boost your customer’s trust to your business by using a single page website

Try a new approach to management

Get done more, decrease churn, and manage your business’s online reputation

Over 400+ businesses trust us.

Our customer portfolio includes both corporations and startups

Victoria Busen
Victoria Busen
Expert in client experience management and customers loyalty
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At lifecell, we ensure that the information about all stores is up-to-date, complete and accurately placed on Google maps. The Getpin solution allows us to manage customer reviews and all data changes from a single dashboard. This simplifies and reduces the time for processing and updating the information significantly.
Igor Anikeev
Igor Anikeev
Watch pawnshop Prestige-Time
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It's nice to work with Getpin: the guys know their job!

All the best in 2019!
Director of the «Nature» Store, (garden equipment and tools)
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It's an off-season in my industry every July and August. I had an experience of running ads during this period before Getpin.

Thanks to Getpin, I actually received calls from customers who were interested in my apparel. Around the 20th of August, we'll launch a winter collection sales, and I will use this service again: it definitely works!
Atelier Matinee
Atelier Matinee
Beauty & Comfort
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We have been using Getpin for a relatively short period of time. But I can say that the service works! Advertising, social media promotion and creating unique content help us to appear more often in Google search. Our customer base is growing steadily: Getpin makes your business recognizable at a reasonable price.

Getpin is a universal tool
to manage your business’s online
presence regardless of the number of outlets

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