Reviews and messages
in a single dashboard

Working with customer feedback has never been so convenient and easy

The average time a company answers a user’s inquiry or comment is 12 hours and 10 minutes. Users want an answer after 15 minutes, maximum — in an hour

Source: SuperOffice research and a user’s comment

Respond to user actions as quickly as possible

Getpin’s proactive notifications and user-friendly interface help you answer questions and comments as quickly as possible, regardless of the platform chosen by the user

Real-time e-mail notifications of new comments and questions

An interface that helps you quickly process the maximum number of inquiries

Statistics of answered and unanswered inquiries from different channels

Real-time e-mail notifications

Respond to questions, messages, and comments from potential customers faster than your competitors

Convenient interface to respond to your clients

We’ve made sure that you see the answered and unanswered messages, and do not miss any of them

Statistics of questions and answers for the desired period

You control the speed of responses and can track and improve your own productivity every day

Getpin is a universal tool
which helps manage your business reputation.
Quickly, conveniently, easy

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