Business presence on popular online platforms

How do your customers shop? At first, they search for information about companies, products, opening hours, and nearest addresses on 10-20 popular online platforms.
Getpin allows easy updating and controlling of information on all popular maps, navigators, city directories, websites, bulletin boards, and review sites.
With Getpin, you can place information about your business, add photos, products, promotions, and news, as well as delete outdated information all in one account.
Up-to-date information is a positive customer experience.
92% of customers completely stop buying a company’s products or using its services if they have received a negative experience of interacting with it several times.
Investments in
customer experience
Investments in positive customer experience increase customer loyalty and, consequently, the profitability of your business.
Getpin will help you automate the processes
of updating and controlling information
on all platforms and save time for your employees.