Regular posts on Google and social media

Attract more potential buyers to your brand

One Google post attracts an average of up to 50 views per day without any extra effort for promotion. This is 7,200 potential customers per year.

Getpin internal research

Improve your business visibility

In order to publish company news, events and promotions simultaneously on several online resources, you need a dedicated employee or Getpin’s dashboard

User-friendly interface for responding to user comments

A single dashboard for posts on Google, Facebook and other resources

Aggregated statistics across all posting channels

A single dashboard for posts

Publish company news in one place and they will appear on all resources connected to Getpin’s account.

You no longer need to go separately to each social network to tell subscribers about important things

Respond to comments easily

Responding to comments has never been so easy: Getpin’s single interface gives you access to answers on all connected resources.

Combined statistics

The number of views, comments and answers is all that a business needs to determine the format, time and number of posts that are most suitable for communicating with a target audience

Getpin is a universal tool
which helps to attract more customer attention
to the news, promotions and publications of your business

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