Google Business Profile Verification Methods: Tips and Tricks

Verification of your business profile on Google

If you are a business owner, you have probably wondered how to create a company profile on Google, claim ownership of your business on Google, and go through the business account verification process.

At first glance, the procedure may seem quite simple, as Google provides clear instructions on verifying a business profile. However, in practice, it is often not so straightforward. Many people have trouble verifying their account for various reasons and, as a result, seek help with verifying their company profile.

In this article, we will discuss possible ways to verify your business profile, address the issues you may encounter, and explain what to do if you need help verifying your location on Google Maps.

Why is it so important to verify your business profile on Google?

    1. You will have the ability to update information about your location on Google.
    2. You will have the ability to maintain the accuracy of data at your location on Google.
    3. You will gain more trust in your location on Google from your customers.
    4. You will be protected from third-party changes to your Google locations. (If your location is not verified, any changes proposed by third parties can be made automatically. If you are a verified location owner, you have the ability to accept or reject changes proposed by others.)

The first and most important reason for verifying your business profile:

You will be able to manage information about your business in Search, on Maps, and other Google services only when you verify it. Google needs to confirm the physical location of your company and ensure that you have the right to own such a profile.

Only after Google verifies the company’s location, you will be able to:

      • Make changes to business information on all Google services
      • View profile statistics
      • Upload new images
      • Post updates
      • Respond to customer reviews
      • Add links to social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, X (ex. Twitter) та YouTube) in the Map profile
      • Add the Google Business Messages chat to the Map profile.

Additionally, information about the business profile on Google (including proximity of location, categories, keywords in the business name, etc.) enhances the company’s rating in local search. This means that if you have a business profile on Google, your chances of appearing in local search are much higher. Therefore, it is important to control the information displayed in the business profile of your company on Google.

Another reason why having a company profile on Google is important is that, according to Google, a verified business is more likely to be considered reliable by users. Company profiles for Google appear more reliable when they are optimized and edited by location owners themselves, rather than automatically by third-party edits.

Finally, verifying your business will protect it from those who try to impersonate your company and claim its profile. This is a basic example of fraud, so make sure you have protected your business account from such cases.

A verified business profile on Google has a blue checkmark with the text “You manage this business profile” under the business name, indicating that Google has verified this profile as a credible representation of the business.

Remember that only the account manager of this verified profile can see this checkmark, and only when logging into their account. Regular users browsing business profiles in search won’t see it.

If your business profile was created by someone else or if you notice that your company’s Google account is not verified, it’s better to verify your location immediately. To do this, you need to claim ownership of the company’s business profile and go through the business verification process.

After registering or claiming the business, Google will offer you one or several of the following methods to verify the business profile. If you receive only one option, you cannot change it, but if you see multiple options, you can choose the method that suits you best.

There are several ways to verify a business profile on Google.

Postal Mail Verification

This method is the most common way to verify a business. Sending a verification code via physical mail not only allows Google to accurately determine the business’s location but also confirms its existence.

The delivery process typically takes up to two weeks, depending on the region, but sometimes it may take longer.

Keep in mind that the verification process will take much longer if you change business information (such as the business name, address, category, etc.) before verification. Also, avoid requesting a new code, as Google will need to cancel the initial code in the postcard and send a new one, prolonging the process. Additionally, Google does not send any confirmation letters to rented PO boxes.

Members of the Google Business Profile community report that their first attempt to receive a verification code by mail was unsuccessful, and they were only able to successfully receive the verification code from Google after the second or even third attempt. If your letter is lost or misplaced, you can request a new code by logging into your Google Business profile, navigating to the verification code page, and clicking the blue “Resend” button.

It’s worth noting that letters of this kind can often be mistaken for advertising mail and may be discarded, so it’s best to inform everyone in your company (or even in the building) that you are expecting a letter of confirmation from Google.

Verification via Phone Call or SMS

Some, but not all, businesses will have the option to verify their Google Business Profile listing via phone. If this option is available to you, consider yourself fortunate, as this process only takes a few minutes.

You can choose the option of receiving a phone call or a text message on your phone. The system will send a 5-digit code that needs to be entered into the code field. Use your actual phone number, as you will need to answer calls directly (you cannot use automated voice menu systems) or receive text messages.

Unfortunately, there are several real stories on the Google Business Profile community forum related to scam phone calls from people claiming to work at Google, so be vigilant.

Keep in mind that during a verification call, Google will NEVER:

    • Charge for services related to the Google Business Profile listing
    • Ask for your passwords, verification codes, or any other personal information
    • Offer to enhance your Google Business Profile listing

During a verification call from a genuine Google representative, you only need to listen to your verification code and write it down for future use.

Email Verification

If your business falls into a category eligible for this verification method, you will see the option “Verify by email” after starting the verification process.

Before clicking “Verify now,” make sure that the email address displayed on the verification screen is correct and that you have access to it.

After that, open your mailbox and find the email from your Google Business Profile. It contains the verification code and a link to the Google Business Profile page where you can activate it.

Instant Verification

Another great option available to business owners is instant verification. Choose this option if it is one of the options provided, as it allows you to quickly verify your profile. Why wait for a letter when you can instantly verify your business profile on Google!

According to Google, if your website is already verified in Google Search Console, you meet the requirements for instant verification. This means that you will not see the “Get Verification” button and can immediately work with customers on your profile and content.

Remember that using Google Search Console does not guarantee instant verification of your Google Business Profile. Google has the right to decide whether to offer you this verification option or not.

Google offers instant verification to those businesses it considers reliable. If you own a new business or a business with few online mentions and links to your site, instant verification of your business is unlikely. In such cases, sending a letter is the best way for Google to verify your business.

To use instant verification, sign in to Google Business Profile with the same account you use for Google Search Console.

Direct Video Call

If your business meets the requirements for verification via video call, using this method should not be a problem.

Verification via video call is conducted through a video chat with a Google specialist.

If you own a retail business, a Google representative may want to check your workspace, logo, equipment, public area, certain types of your business documents, and even meet some of your employees or clients.

If you operate a service-based business, you may need to show your branded work vehicle, license plates, and tools you use to provide services. Make sure you can showcase your business positively and prove that you are the owner before starting the video call.

Another important point is to schedule the video call according to the time zone for your region and language.

Video Recording

If Google gives you the option to verify your business profile on Google through video recording, consider shooting a short video to demonstrate your business, confirm that your business location exists, and verify that the person undergoing verification (you) has the authority to manage the company’s accounts.

Before starting the verification, plan the video recording. You need to capture a panoramic view of the interior and exterior of the business location, including the storefront, street view, and signs. Additionally, you should show your equipment, marketing materials, areas accessible only to employees, etc.

Bulk Verification

This option is available for companies that require verification of more than 10 locations of a single business simultaneously. For example, if you own a chain of cafes with 25 locations.

Let’s go through step by step how to conduct bulk verification of your locations:

    1. Access your Google business profile using a manager account.

2. Create a group of locations by adding all available locations of your company to it.

3. Ensure that all your locations are created under one Google account. Additionally, it’s important to have information about the number of locations (branches) of your business on the corporate website. The data on the number of locations for verification and the number of business locations on the company’s website should match.

4. Verify the accuracy of the locations listed in your profile. Remove duplicated locations in different location groups or those that are permanently closed. Also, check the correct name and specified business category. Locations that are suspended or temporarily closed should remain in the profile if they are listed on your website.

5. Initiate a request for mass verification by clicking on “Verification” in the left menu, then selecting “Network”. Once you start the verification, you will see a form for mass verification. Fill out the form, providing answers about your business.

6. Wait for confirmation of your locations, which may take up to several weeks. If the status of your locations changes, Google will notify you by email.

We’ve covered all possible ways to verify your profile in Google Business Profile, but the verification process doesn’t always go smoothly. If you encounter an unusual situation or have questions about creating a business account and verifying it on Google, you can always contact Getpin for assistance.

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