Accelerate Growth with Google Business Messages.

How Getpin platform helps businesses to improve communication with customers.

What is Google Business Messages?

Nowadays, consumers are constantly choosing goods and services, so the speed, ease, and accessibility of communication with businesses is a crucial factor for customers at different stages of the marketing funnel.

At the stage of interest and consideration of a product or service, a potential customer is looking for an opportunity to get answers to questions quickly,  at the stage of purchase – to clarify the availability of goods, the working hours of a particular location, or just  to get additional advice.

Business solutions for communication can be different, but the main rule is to be available to the client whenever he needs  and to provide a positive user experience at all stages of interaction.

Google Business Messages is an online messaging platform that allows you to respond instantly to customer requests and provides fast communication between the brand and the customer, simplifying in this way the path from interest to purchase. 

Customers can start a chat with your business  by simply searching it  on Google, including Google Search and Google Maps.

Main advantages:

  • Allows you to provide fast service, reduces waiting time.
  • Easier way to communicate ー better user experience. 
  • Showcase products and services, information are shared, and you answer questions in a personalized format.
  • All communication with customers in one Getpin account: messages, reviews, posts

How does it work?

After finding a company in Google search and Google maps, your potential or regular customer can start a chat and send you a message by clicking the “Chat” button.

*This feature is currently only available in the mobile version.

The request is immediately picked up by the bot, which instantly responds with a programmed text, and then the responsible business manager can join the conversation.

Advantages of integrating Google Business Messages in Getpin account

  • You no longer need to use dozens of different accounts to interact with customers. Your communications with customers from each location via GBM will be displayed in the Messages section in a single Getpin account.
  • You can improve customer experience by customizing response templates based on keywords. This way, customers will instantly receive more personalized responses from the chatbot.
  • The use of a chatbot eliminates the waiting time before the first contact and helps to optimize the time spent on classifying the request and, if necessary, selecting the right support specialist.

Key steps:

  1. Go to the “Messages” section and click “Templates”.
  2. Click on “Add template” to create a new template.
  3. Select and enter the keywords of the customer’s request in the “Create keywords” field.
  4. Enter the text of the bot’s response based on the specified keywords in the “Template text” field.
  5. Add a Template Subject for easier classification of requests and faster processing by a business support specialist.
  6. Click on “Add” to save the completed template.

It takes only 6 steps and with the help of an intuitive interface, you can easily create various relevant templates in your Getpin account with segmentation by keywords and customer requests.

How to connect Google Business Messages and set up integration in the Getpin account 

To connect, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Go to your Google Business Profile, on the left side you will find the Google Business Profile dashboard.
  2. Click the Enable chat button.
  3. Prepare the information according to our clear instructions and contact your Getpin manager with a request to set up the integration. We will quickly and efficiently set up everything you need.

To summarize, Google Business Messages is not only a messenger for interaction, but also a strategic opportunity to build a strong brand and meet the needs of the modern customer. 

Implementation of this platform can help your business achieve effective customer interaction, as for the integration with  Getpin, it  will consolidate all brand contacts and allow you to manage communication from a single account.

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