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Online presence index management

Online presence index is a universal KPI, that combines the accuracy of public business information regarding a certain amount of online platforms, speed and quality of customer feedback processing, and other parameters.

  • 76% who search for a local business via mobile go to the physical store within 24 hours. 28% of them make a purchase
  • 80% of customers are searching for the information about products and services online
  • 58% of customers read their peers’ feedback before making a purchase
  • Traffic from other online resources gives x3 more information about business than the official website
  • 24% of buyers leave reviews or comments online after making a purchase

* data sources: Acquisio, Uberall, Yext, Getpin

Consistent management of online presence index increases local marketing performance: business visibility in search, number of customers, and their loyalty.

* data sources: Acquisio, Uberall, Yext, Getpin

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