Restore Your GBP Website In Minutes. Or How to Stay Visible in the Online Space?

As of March 5, 2024, Google has discontinued support for single-page websites created through Google Business Profile. Consequently, domains ending in and have been removed. When attempting to access such a website, customers will be redirected to the company’s business profile.

The redirection to the company profile is temporary and will only work until June 10, 2024. After this date, customers clicking on the link will receive a “Page Not Found” error message.

What is the value of a website for business?

The website plays a crucial role in the efficient operation of a business, facilitating various functions:

    • Image formation and trust building: Consumers often search for information about companies and their products or services online. Having a quality website positions the company as a reliable and professional partner, contributing to increased trust in the brand.
    • Interaction with the target audience: The website allows the company to interact with its target audience through various channels such as blogs, social media, feedback forms, etc. This helps create a community around the brand, communicate with customers, and receive important feedback.
    • Traffic generation: The website is an important tool for attracting new clients and audience. By optimizing content for search engines (SEO), placing advertisements, and implementing other marketing strategies, the company can attract targeted traffic to its website.
    • Sales channel: For many companies, the website becomes a vital sales channel. This can be e-commerce, where customers can make purchases online, or simply a place where customers can find information about the company’s products and services and contact them for additional information or to place an order.

How to increase organic traffic and not lose potential revenue?

Having a properly optimized website positively impacts its interaction with search engine algorithms, thereby enhancing your business’s online visibility and attracting a larger flow of clients.

It is quite common for blog pages, general company information, or competitor websites to appear in local search results instead of personalized information pages specifically about the location the client was searching for.

For instance, when a user searches for “Cafe ‘XXX’ in Ostpark,” they may receive results such as job openings or information about food delivery from Cafe ‘XXX,’ rather than the desired information. Consequently, these results do not align with the user’s intent. In most cases, the user will not expend additional effort to search and may opt for a competitor instead, leading to potential customer and revenue loss for the business.

Another example illustrates how companies miss out on potential website traffic.

For example, when conducting a local search query like “Ukrposhta Brovary,” it’s evident that third-party websites garner the majority of the traffic instead of the official Ukrposhta website.

Conversely, when examining the query “Nova Poshta Brovary,” it’s noticeable that the primary search results direct users to the Nova Poshta website.

Therefore, for a more quality representation of your business in local search queries, we recommend creating web pages for each individual location.

In the Getpin account, it’s easy to create a web page based on the information provided in your Google Business Profile (GBP). This process is fast, convenient, and doesn’t require significant resources.

Getpin will provide you with:

    • Creation of a separate page for each location;
    • Synchronization of content on the page and maps;
    • Hosting of pages;
    • Page visit reporting;
    • Reporting on customer actions on the page.

In the web page settings, you have the ability to:

    • Set age restrictions for page visits.
    • Customize the header and footer color, font type and size, add a clickable logo, and more.

    • Add a unique description of your business.
    • Configure the display of the latest news from GBP.
    • SEO settings: titles, keywords, descriptions, etc.

*It is worth remembering that SEO settings provide search engines with brief information about the page. Properly filling out these parameters enhances the relevance of pages and increases the chances of your site ranking higher in search results for relevant queries.

    • SEO optimization of images: add descriptions with relevant keywords.
    • Add a tag for tracking Google Analytics. This helps evaluate the effectiveness of the site and track conversions.

Remember that your company profile on Google is a powerful tool for presenting your business. You can share important information, news, links to social media, attract customers’ attention with photos, and indicate convenient ways to contact you. However, for this tool to benefit your business effectively, it is crucial to maintain the relevance of the information provided in the business profile and promptly respond to customer inquiries.

To achieve this goal, we recommend using the efficient and convenient solution offered by Getpin. In the Getpin dashboard, you can easily manage your company profile and locations not only on Google but also respond to messages and reviews from various platforms and social media such as Facebook and Instagram. You don’t need to log into different accounts separately; all actions are available in the unified Getpin dashboard.

For more detailed information, please contact a Getpin manager.