RateMe: How to Overcome Fear of Negative Reviews

Why is working with reviews so important?

According to research, 

38% do not leave feedback because they simply forget to do so in their free time, 

20% said they would have left a review, but the business did not ask for it.

At the same time, 39% of users have not received a single review request in the last 5 years, but more than half are willing to share their experiences.*

On the other hand, 98% of consumers read reviews of local businesses.**

That is why we have created Getpin RateMe, a service that helps to generate more reviews and deal with negative feedback in a non-public way.

This is how it works: 

  1. Collecting feedback:
    • The employee invites the client to leave feedback about the work or service using a QR code with a link to the RateMe page,
    • Or remote communication via E-mail, SMS, chatbot, or Push notification from the business application.

The user is taken to the RateMe form with the opportunity to rate the experience from 1 to 5 stars.

  1. Negative review scenario (1-3 stars)

In the case of a low rating, the user is redirected to a page with the option to leave a detailed review and contacts.

After that, the review is sent to the company’s personal account in the Getpin system. 

  1. Positive review scenario (4-5 stars)

In case of a positive rating, the user is offered to leave a review on Google Maps or Facebook by following the link.

Service benefits:

With Getpin RateMe, businesses get several unique benefits:

  • a convenient channel for collecting feedback in offline and online locations,
  • increase in the rating of locations and the number of reviews without reputational risks,
  • reduced processing time for negative reviews and the ability to solve the problem privately,
  • and as a result, an increase in traffic to online and offline locations.

Thanks to informative and positive reviews, customers are more likely to see your company in search results.

Keep in mind that the rating and consumer choice are influenced not only by the company’s reviews but also by the processing of responses and how the business responds to criticism or positive feedback.


** Brightlocal