Microsoft opened a New Era in the World of Search Services 🚀

Microsoft launched the new Bing on the web and in its Edge browser, powered by a combination of a next-gen OpenAI GPT model and Microsoft’s own Prometheus model. With this, Microsoft jumped ahead of Google in bringing this kind of search experience to the mainstream, though we’ll likely see the competition heat up in the next few months.

So what is the New Bing? 🤔 

The new Bing is like having a research assistant, personal planner, and creative partner at your side whenever you search the web. With this set of AI-powered features, you can:

✔ Ask your actual question. 

When you ask complex questions, Bing gives you detailed replies.

✔ Get an actual answer. 

Bing looks at search results across the web to offer you a summarised answer.

✔ Be creative. 

When you need inspiration, Bing can help you write poems, stories, or even share ideas for a project. You can also choose the ton of voice.

✔ In the chat experience, you can also chat and ask follow-up questions such as, “can you explain that in simpler terms,” or, “give me more options” to get different and even more detailed answers in your search.

Microsoft is currently offering access to the new Bing and its AI features on a waitlist basis. You need to register and wait for an e-mail with access.

But Microsoft promises that it will open the possibility of using this updates to millions of users in the coming weeks.

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