Boosting local sales of your business offline locations:

Google Merchant Center empowers local entrepreneurs!

Local entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to promote their business  effectively and free of charge through the link between their Google Business Profile (GBP) and Merchant Center.* This innovation opens up wider perspectives  for  developing their businesses and  for attracting new customers to their offline locations, using different online tools. 

Tools that allow them to promote locally their products, by Local meaning showing their offline locations where products can be available within a radius of max 50 kilometres  from the user.

Google Merchant Center: What is it and how to use it?

Google Merchant Center is a tool created for businesses selling products online. The platform allows convenient management and promotion of your offline store and products in shopping ads across various Google services.

Where can information about products be displayed?

By enabling free placement of information about products from the local assortment, your offers may appear on various Google resources:

    • Google Search

Alongside with search results suggestions may appear when users use Google Search to find information about products, sellers, and/or a specific brand. They contain basic information about the product, price, reviews, and availability.

    • Google Shopping

Information about local assortment products can be placed in the “Shopping” section. Results are displayed as ads on mobile devices and computers in all countries where this feature is activated.

This helps shoppers find items in stores nearby. Additionally, it may include useful data such as store contact information, working hours , product availability, pricing, approximate distance from the shopper, and routes.

    • Company Profile on Google Maps

Information about products available in your offline stores can be also displayed in the company’s profile on Google Maps. Users have in this case  access to images, price, brief product description, having in the same time the  the possibility  to call directly or get directions to the store.

    • Images

Information about products can be displayed in the “Images” section also. Merchant Center allows to present your products in a catalogue format, displaying information such as the name, description, price, images, and other attributes of the products, when users are searching them.

    • Google Lens

With Google Lens, shoppers can select a specific object or area in an image to view similar products available for sale. The “Product” label on the image indicates its availability for purchase.

Steps to Link Your Google Business Profile and Merchant Center:

    1. Update your Google Business Profile:

Ensure that your Google Business Profile contains complete and up-to-date information and, if necessary, add photos and essential details about your business.

 2. Register on Merchant Center:

If you haven’t used Merchant Center before, create an account and link it to your Google account.

 3. Connect Your Profile to Merchant Center:

In the Merchant Center settings, choose the option to connect with your Google Business Profile and follow the instructions to link your account with the necessary group of locations.

 4. Activate the Free Local Assortment Placement Program:

Select the section “Information about products from the local assortment, placed for free“.

 5. Add information about local assortment products:

To display products in the local assortment, create a separate feed with local items in Merchant Center. Afterward, they can appear on various Google platforms.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of product placement in the Merchant Center?

To evaluate the effectiveness you have the ability to view reports on the performance of your product listings. These reports are available for your entire assortment as well as individual products. They contain information about the volume of traffic, clicks, and impressions generated through the free product placement.

Additionally, you can utilize third-party web analytics tools such as Google Analytics by setting up tracking on your website or application beforehand.


Currently, this feature is available to sellers with offline stores in Australia, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Great Britain, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Greece, Denmark, Israel, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Colombia, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Russia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, USA, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine, Philippines, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Chile, Switzerland, Sweden, and Japan*.

The connection between your Google Business Profile and Merchant Center allows free and effective promotion of products across various Google resources, ensuring maximum visibility among the local audience.

If you need assistance setting up your Merchant Center profile, please contact your Getpin manager.

*Google Merchant Center

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