Bing Chat, with its new features, is now available to everyone

This week, Microsoft presented new features for Bing Chat and announced that the service is now available to everyone who wants to use it.

So, what has changed?

🔹Microsoft has removed the waiting list for access to Bing Chat and made it open to everyone. Simply sign in to your Microsoft account on your browser or via the Bing or Edge app and enjoy all the benefits of the new tool.

🔹The chat now provides more visual responses, such as pictures, graphs, diagrams, and videos. Interestingly, users can also enhance their chat requests with images.

🔹A chat history saving feature has been added, allowing you to use Bing Chat and continue your conversation from where you left off, as well as revisit previous chats in your Bing Chat history.

🔹Now you also have the ability to copy or export your conversation and share it on social media, or paste it into a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint document.

🔹Additionally, the chat now supports third-party resource plugins, allowing it to recommend a restaurant and help you book a table, for example. Convenient, isn’t it?

Microsoft probably hasn’t announced all of its news yet, but it’s possible they will save something for the annual Build developer conference, which is taking place later this month. So stay tuned for more interesting updates soon! 😉

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