Automatic Editing of Attributes in Google Business Profiles

When you search for a cafe, store, or hair salon nearby, more often you browse their business profile on Google. In these profiles businesses provide vital information about their services, operating hours, and other crucial details. However, recent reports suggest that Google is going beyond merely displaying this data – they are now automatically modifying certain attributes in business profiles.

So, why has Google begun editing attributes in business profiles? 

Google implements automatic edits of business attributes to enhance the accuracy of information available to users. It primarily operates based on logic.

For instance, if a business lists “cash-only” as a payment option in the attributes but also specifies other payment methods, Google automatically changes it to “not cash-only.” This simple and logical adjustment immediately communicates to users that the company accepts various payment methods and avoids confusion.

Additionally, it’s known that Google completely removes the “COVID testing center” attribute if a business marks it as “no”. This makes practical sense, as businesses not offering COVID testing should not display this attribute.

The reaction to these automatic edits has been generally positive. Business owners and SEO experts find them useful and logical. It simplifies the process for business owners, especially when changes pertain to default settings.

For example, the “COVID testing center” attribute cannot be manually unset, so businesses can avoid potentially misleading information by marking it as “no”.

If you are a business owner with a Google Business profile, it’s essential to be aware of these automatic edits. Apart from adhering to logic, Google always recommends ensuring that your profile attributes match your services.

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