Apple Business Connect in the Getpin account

Now, in the Getpin account, there is an opportunity to create and manage your company’s business card, available worldwide to users who use Apple devices.

What is Apple Business Connect?

Apple Business Connect is a free tool that allows companies to showcase themselves within the “Maps” service, as well as add various information – logo, photos, working hours, links to social media, reviews, phone numbers, and much more.

The data delivered through the Business Connect API is used in Apple Maps, Apple Pay, Wallet, Siri, Safari, Spotlight, Calendar, and other applications and services within the Apple ecosystem.

Together with Apple Business Connect and Getpin

🏞ī¸ Add photos, logos, business hours, and other information about your business on Apple Maps.

ℹī¸ Share current offers, advertising campaigns, and seasonal items at one or multiple locations of your company.

💁đŸģ Interact with customers by inviting them to order food, reserve a table, schedule appointments, purchase tickets, or rate your business. All these actions can be available to customers directly in the business card of your location on Apple Maps. And you can easily set them up in your Getpin account.

📊 Explore how customers discover and engage with your locations on Apple Maps through convenient analytics.

More information about integration coming soon.

If you’re not with us yet, try the Getpin demo version for free 👌