Your site will be ranked higher than your competitors

We optimize the website for local requests, so that it rises in Google search results

46% of all Google searches are related to local queries (for example, «a hairdresser at Vavilov street»), 72% of such queries result in a user visiting a retail outlet

Source: HubSpot

Be known to anyone looking for your business near them

When a user Googles your product or service from a mobile, in 99% of cases they will not go to the second page of the search engine. So you need to be on the first one

We analyze your business and its competitors in search results, collect the semantic core

We write texts for the landing, optimize the technical part of the website

You get an increase in organic visits to your website, which means an increase in calls and requests

Competitive landscape analysis

We analyze the most popular and marginal products / services of your business in order to focus local SEO on them

Texts and technical SEO

We write texts that are equally well understood by both users and search crawlers. We work with the technical part of the website so that it meets all the requirements of a search engine

Organic traffic growth

No matter what type of business you have, we will increase the flow of visitors to your website. This process takes at least three months, but after that it brings tangible results

Getpin is a universal tool
to manage your business’s online
presence regardless of the number of outlets

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