No more waiting

Get your outlet featured on Google My Business instantly

76% of those who looks for a local office of a business via smartphone visits the store within 24 hours. 28% of them actually make a purchase

Source: Think With Google

Expanding the opportunities of Google My Business

You can manage your GMB account via a familiar interface; however, Getpin’s dashboard gives you more opportunities to automate

Instant location verification: you don’t need to wait for an e-mail from Google My Business for 14 days

Automatic correction of user-generated changes

E-mail reports and notifications with the buttons to identify irrelevant pictures quickly

Instant location verification

Getpin is one of Google 73 partners. Therefore, you don’t need to wait for 14 days to have your outlet or office featured on the maps.

We also handle complicated situations when two outlets share the same address

Automatic correction of user-generated changes

Google maps are essentially social intellect which is being created simultaneously by all the users.

Getpin prevents from irrelevant changes in names, addresses, contacts and office hours

E-mail reports and notifications about events and new reviews

More information about your business instead of standard notifications.

Information regarding new reviews, statistics covering visits, clicks and calls, customer’s inquiries, and user-generated changes, along with many other things gathered in Getpin’s clear reports

Getpin is a universal tool
to manage your business’s online
presence regardless of the number of outlets

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